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Name:Penance // Yvette
Penance is played as AU from the end of the Generation X run. She is not Hollow.

Penance is a Yugoslavian girl named Yvette (surname unknown) who was either born completely deaf or lost her hearing in infancy. Her powers manifested in her early childhood due to the trauma inherit to living in a war zone, and she was either captured or sold to Emplate shortly after. He kept her for the purpose of feeding for several years, during which time he trapped his sister Monet in Yvette's body. Penance's awareness of her surroundings remained unchanged, though she was largely unable to interact beyond influencing Monet, and later, the twins. It wasn't until the latter were expelled from her body that Yvette regained autonomy. After the disbanding of Generation X, Yvette stayed with the St Croix family for three months before sneaking away. She's been living on the run ever since, living off the grid and unaware of the existence of Hollow. As of this December, Yvette will be twenty.

Penance's powers are as follows: skin that changes in harshness/density in reaction to Penance's emotions/surroundings, currently being diamond-hard. Her fingers, toes and hair are harder still and have been proven to cut through nearly any alloy known to man (she has not been in a position to test her ability to cut adamantium.) Her density has also been compared to that of a dwarf star, though the majority of her weight is displaced by unknown means. Her skin has also been known to absorb light, the result being that Penance is often shadowed even in well-lit surroundings. Penance is resistant to detection and psychic intrusion, though this is not absolute and did not prevent her from understanding fellow student Jonothan Starsmore.

Aside from her mutant powers, Penance is a knowledgeable tracker. She is a skilled fighter, owing mostly to an agility and limberness that, while extraordinary, is not outside the realm of homo-sapien capabilities. In her time with Generation X she displayed artistic talent, along with working knowledge of written English. Her speed may also be above average given that she has been witnessed to run at speeds of sixty to seventy miles per hour, but this has only rarely been witnessed and may be the result of adrenaline.

Despite her many advantages, the list of Yvette's weaknesses is of equal length. In addition to being deaf Yvette is also mute, although whether this is due to an inability to speak or ignorance of how is unknown. She has never been exposed to Sign Language, possibly from the assumption that she couldn't utilize it. Yvette also cannot interact with the majority of the world around her as a result of her mutation, as simply brushing her cheek can end in disaster. She also cannot remain submerged in water, as doing so will most often result in a seizure, followed by a comatose state.

Mun and muse are both over eighteen. Penance belongs to Marvel comics.
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